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Welcome, Trade Fair Organizers!

We are pleased to introduce you to FairAdvisor. We hope that the information listed below will answer your questions leading. If you have other questions, you will find information on how to contact our support team at the end of the document

Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions relating to placement on our site, reviews of exhibitors and visitors, as well as other questions we receive from exhibition organizers.

  1. What does "insert a listing on FairAdvisor" mean?
    This is your fair's listing on FairAdvisor. Here's an example. On the page you will see the comments and the various statistics for the reviews left by exhibitors or visitors (if any).
  2. How has my fair been entered in the FairAdvisor list?
    If you have just stumbled upon FairAdvisor, you will be surprised to see your fair on our website, in some cases even with reviews. The fairs are included in the list of FairAdvisor in several ways: reporting or review by subscribers to the Site; exhibitions on the web; reporting by our editors exhibitions in articles or guides on the exhibition industry.
  3. Can I request to enter a listing myself?
    Certainly! Register as a fair organizer and fill out the form that you want to insert. We take care practices related to new exhibitions to be included in the list in the order they are received, so it may take a few weeks before your trade is visible on FairAdvisor.
  4. How much does a listing cost on your site?
    It's completely FREE.
  5. Do I have to already have a listing on your site to get reviews?
    No, if the user provides sufficient information on your exhibition, we will enter it directly upon receipt of review.
  6. How do I insert a photo, video, or add / edit a trade show in your list?
    You can complete and / or update the data in the "fair tab" directly from your account page or by sending a message from the site by clicking on "would you like to report a missing / error? Send us a Message."
  7. How can I remove my fair from your site or to make sure you do not get reviews on it?
    We do not remove reviews upon request of the organizers. You can, however, tell us if the reviews feel suspicious or need to be brought to our attention by clicking the link "Was this review helpful? We will gladly check the review and see that it meets all of our guidelines and that there has been no abuse.
  8. Can any incorrect information about my fair be edited?
    All information on our website is provided by collaborators / external web sites. If any information is incorrect, please contact us at:
User Reviews
  1. What are user reviews?
    User reviews of FairAdvisor are the opinions of real people (exhibitors - visitors), who want to share their experiences on our site. We don't hire any professional journalists to write reviews and our staff does not visit the fairs to evaluate them personally .
  2. How do you choose the reviews to post?
    All reviews (positive and negative) that meet the guidelines of FairAdvisor are published. If a review is rejected, its author is notified by e-mail. See our guidelines on reviews.
  3. How can I get more reviews?
    Only exhibitors and visitors can submit genuine reviews. It is prohibited to the organizers to submit reviews, urge their co-workers to do so or look for other ways to acquire them. We safeguard the accuracy and impartiality of users' opinions. However, you can encourage your exhibitors to write a review on your show, but you can not offer any incentive, discount, promotion or any special treatment in exchange for reviews.
  4. I have a very negative review. Can FairAdvisor remove it?
    We do not remove reviews at the request of the organizers. We look forward to examine the review to check that it meets all of our standards, but we will not eliminate it upon request.
  5. Can I respond to a review?
    COf course! We know that there are two sides to every story and we want to provide our users with the full picture. Therefore, FairAdvisor allows organizers to respond to reviews. The answers will be posted on the website under the review to which they refer.
  6. I still have questions. How can I contact you?
    Email us for the fastest possible response. Send a message to:
    Or, contact us by mail: FairAdvisor c/o BwebService, Via Dei Ginepri 1, Domagnano - 47895 Repubblica di San Marino (RSM)
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