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Guidelines for review

A review is an account of your experience, made with diligence, accuracy and the desire to provide useful information. A review should give the reader all the elements necessary to assess the level of the trade show you are writing about, separating fact from opinion.

Tell us about your experience with great attention to the facts. Describe what you actually saw, if the exhibition offer was large, complete and relevant to the format communicated by the organizers, if the number of visitors was high, if there were exhibitors / international visitors, whether you felt your visit or participation as an exhibitor was helpful or not and what went well or didn't satisfy you.

Giving a fair evaluation will help other readers find what they are looking for with greater accuracy .

Had a bad experience? Tell us about it, as it will give the organizer the opportunity to understand the problem and help improve their service. It will also give the other readers more choices.

FairAdvisor will not publish any review containing:
  • defamatory remarks, offenses or insults.
  • references to specific people or other users.
  • anything written by the organizer of an event or by its staff in their favor or anything that might be seen as a disadvantage to another trade show.
  • comments that we consider to be baseless and not correlating to a real experience.
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