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ExCeL launches 3D venue mapping technology

The software creates a replica of the venue, bespoke to the client’s needs, which will allow them to better visualise, plan and share their event.

The service is designed to support client decision-making, reduce the need for in-person site visits, as well as allowing organisers to easily share bespoke visuals of their event with stakeholders and potential partners.

The platform also has multiple additional applications such as road-testing arrival and departure points, showcasing media opportunities and mocking up of room layouts, all from a visitor perspective.

ExCeL executive director James Rees said the new software has allowed the venue to bring to life its new 25,000sqm expansion project for international event organisers. The project is currently in the final construction phases and opens in October 2024.

Rees said, “We also know from experience that conducting in-person site visits, especially for those outside the UK, can become costly, timely and carbon heavy, so bringing ExCeL to their screens at a click of a button is something that we believe will make a real impact.”

Founded in 2019, event and venue planning platform OnePlan’s technology has been used to power over 25,000 live events at venues in 107 countries, including Intuit Dome, home of the LA Clippers, and Silverstone. It is also the official supporter of GIS mapping and digital twin software for the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Paul Foster, CEO and founder of OnePlan, said: “Our 2D and 3D platform is well suited to large scale convention and exhibition centres and their event organisers, with different room layouts and rapid planning needed.”


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